How to Calculate the Future Value of Real Estate

An example For example, let’s say that you buy an investment property worth $200,000, and you’d like to estimate what its value will be in 10 years. Using our 3.4% average rate, we can calculate

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Meanwhile, a £300,000 property in LL60 postcode of Anglesey could be worth £621,724 in 10 years’ time. According to Zoopla, house prices in the UK have seen an increase of over 275% over the past 20 years, with the current average value sitting at £299,745.

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In 15 years, assuming values drop 6% in 2011 and 3% in 2012, then rise at 3% a year, the house will be worth $185,528 to $190,820. In five years, we will owe $186,322 on a house that will be worth $138,050 to $141,944. In ten years, we will owe $162,295 on a house that will be worth …

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Using the index values, you can convert a property price from one year to another. For example, a house worth $100,000 in the year 2000 would have cost a roughly $75,500 in 1990 and $132,000 in 2010.

How would I figure out what my house will be worth in 10

Jan 31, 2008 · Your house in ten years will be appraised in value the same way as today. The experts look at the sales in the area for a similar type of house and land. They can then estimate what your house is worth in 2018 or in 2008.

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To find out what your home will be worth in 30 years is a heck of a formula. Here goes it: 1) Find out what your home was worth in 2001, and add 10% to that number. 2) Go to HUD’s website and find the median household income or your area. 3) multiply that number by 2.6 (PTI multiple) 4) add the value of # 1 with # 3 and divide by 2.

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