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As of 2015, colored toilet paper has been mostly discontinued due to cost of production and health reasons. Colored toilet paper has been shown to cause certain cancers in laboratory animals. It is also believed that colored toilet paper irritates the skin. Continue Reading.

Colored Toilet Paper History: What Happened to It

The pastel toilet paper of the ’60s and ’70s may be lost to time, but if you really long to wipe your bottom with something colorful, Renova offers a line of colored toilet paper, in rather startlingingly bright hues (and also in brown and black). It’s not cheap, though: a six-pack of the blue will set you back $16.20.

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Colored Coordinated Bathroom. It doesn’t exist anymore. It used to come in blue, pink, green, yellow and sometimes lilac. And there was facial tissue to match. Back in the 60s, you could find it in prints as well. Now you can walk down the paper goods aisle in the supermarket and see printed paper towels, but you are not going to find colored toilet paper.

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Oct 20, 2009 · I remember toilet paper coming in pastel colors too.I always thought rolls looked like those little pastel marshmallows. Anyway, it probably had something to do with the dyes.

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Health Concerns With Colored Toilet Paper By Becky Lower, eHow Contributor Toilet paper used to come in colors other than white. Less than 30 years ago, a totally color-coordinated bathroom was in vogue–down to the toilet paper. Colored paper, frequently accompanied by a fragrance, was expected in the well-dressed home.

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One of our patrons remembered the days when toilet paper came in pastel shades of pink, yellow, green, and blue to match the bathroom décor. One day, though, he noticed that it had disappeared from the shelves. According to the blog on , Scott was one of the last holdouts, and it produced its last beige,

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