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Scheme № 6: The square. A combination of 4 colors that are equidistant from each other on the color circle. In this case, the colors differ from each other in tone, but are also complementary. This creates a dynamic, vivid, and playful effect. An example: violet, orange-red, yellow, blue-green.

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Red is the color that best complements green. On the color wheel, the colors directly across from each other are complementary to one another. Red is directly across from green. Keep Learning.

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Sep 09, 2015 · Answer Wiki. Beyond complimentary colors are analogous colors, of which chartreuse (green), aquamarine, indigo, magenta, vermilion and amber are a single set. These are essentially other shades of blue, purplish-blue, red, orange and brown. For matching green on green, such as with a belted dress or a tie and shirt,

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The Combo Library contains pages of green color combinations (a.k.a, color schemes and color palettes) for you to choose from. Each color scheme contains the html color codes you will need when coding your website template. The hex codes can be found underneath each of the color swatches. Click on a color combinations name to test it out.

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Color complements are the colors across from each other on the color wheel, such as orange and blue or purple and yellow. When these colors are side-by-side they create a striking contrast, which can be awesome when you are looking for some exciting color combinations.

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The three traditional sets of complementary colors, as derived from the Red-Yellow-Blue color model, are red and green, yellow and purple, and orange and blue.You can see them positioned opposite one another on the color wheel above. Other color models produce different complements; in the additive model of color, the complements are green and magenta, red and cyan, and blue and yellow (IKEA

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Dec 14, 2018 · Use the blue as an accent, while a darker shade of sage and gray become your feature colors. A gray leather sofa or twin loveseats, with side chairs in steel blue and gray striped or checked fabric are brought together with a cocktail table trimmed in either pewter or shiny silver. Using orange as an accent color, your modernist decor jolts to life.

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Feb 19, 2016 · Leaf + Poppy + Weathered Browns. Light leafy green on the walls sets the precedent for the colors used on the fabrics. All of the room’s green hues stick within the same color family to maintain an air of refinement. Also inspired by the garden, poppy red adds vibrant punch to the space, while wood tones draw the room back to its rustic origins.

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In an entry hall, green becomes a link between outside and in. Three different tones accentuate the paneling; the console is painted to match. The hanging lamp, glass vessels, and sconce’s mirror are also in varying shades of green. Even in such abundance, this color …

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Color Palettes Colors of the Year Bold Color Neutral Colors Black Blue Brown Gray Green Orange Pink Purple Red Turquoise White Yellow Color Guide: How to Work With Green With as many green hues as leaves in a forest, it’s easy to find one that grows on you

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