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The immune system is the body’s network of cells and organs that is specially developed for fighting off infections. Weaknesses in the immune system can be either congenital, meaning someone is born with them, or acquired, caused by outside factors. A person with decreased immunity is at an increased risk for infections and illnesses.

Low Immune System: What are the Causes?

The Four Common Causes of Low Immune System. Stress. Nearly all of us have felt the effects of stress at some point in our lives. Headaches, pounding chest pains, uneasiness and an overall tense feeling are hallmarks of stress. These factors all combine to cause the immune system to have to work harder to defend the body against threats to health,

Causes, Symptoms & Natural Treatment For Low Immune Function

The health of the immune system is greatly impacted by a person’s emotional state, level of stress, lifestyle, dietary habits and nutritional status. Nutrient deficiency is the most frequent cause of a depressed immune system.

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Low Immunity Causes: Another reason why a person may suffer from low immunity is when he or she has illnesses that require the full focus of the immune system. This leaves a person vulnerable to other diseases since his immune system could only do so much. Examples of such illnesses include HIV/Aids …

Autoimmune Diseases: What Are They? Who Gets Them?

Rheumatoid arthritis. The immune system produces antibodies that attach to the linings of joints. …

Weakened Immune System – Diagnose-Me

Causes and Development. Immune deficiencies are also attributed to acquired infections or diseases that target the immune system, such as AIDS, while others, particularly primary immunodeficiency diseases, are often due to genetic abnormalities. Not all primary immunodeficiency diseases are genetically determined,

8 Common Causes of Immune Disorders | ActiveBeat

8 Common Causes of Immune Disorders. Your body’s immune system protects you from disease and infection, but when you suffer from an immune disorder; your immune system becomes dysfunctional and leaves the body prone to attack by invading germs and infection—typically by become over- or under-active. The most commonly known immune disorders are

Immunodeficiency Disorders: Types, Symptoms, and Diagnosis

An immune deficiency disease occurs when the immune system is not working properly. If you are born with a deficiency or if there is a genetic cause, it is called primary immunodeficiency disease.

Primary immunodeficiency – Symptoms and causes – Mayo Clinic


7 Surprising Signs Your Immunity Needs A Boost

If you get more, your resistance might be low. Getting more sleep, regular exercise, and rounding out your diet to get lots of healthy veggies and these immunity-boosting foods can help.

5 Symptoms of a Weakened Immune System – Step To Health


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