The Weird and Wonderful Features of a Japanese Toilet

Expect many strange, weird and wonderful finds on your trip to Japan. It’s an entirely new world, full of great ideas, interesting food, and cultures and customs to learn, respect and enjoy. Keep an eye out for one of these futuristic toilets on your travels.

The 6 Most Terrifying Features of Japanese Toilets

A very popular option found on Japanese toilets is the bidet, which is a pretty precious term for a jet of water that gets fired at your tenderness.. The more complicated toilets feature different settings depending on your tenderness’ needs — a variety of jet size, power and even massage (!!) settings.

Japan’s Top 10 Most Unusual Bathrooms – Weird Asia News

Japan’s Top 10 Most Unusual Bathrooms Everyone knows that the Japanese love their toilets . There are old-fashioned squat toilets which, to some westerners, are the most bizarre lavatories in the country.


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Jun 07, 2016 · 10 WEIRDEST TOILETS Ever Made | LIST KING List King. From a restaurant where you sit on a toilet for the entire evening to Diamond encrusted toilets worth around $100,000, we take a look at 10

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weirdest toilets ever made | weird toilets around the

Oct 12, 2016 · In this video you can see some funny and weird type of toilets from around the world. or urinals that are just downright bizarre. Tokyo, Capital of Japan has a museum dedicated entirely to

25 Weird Toilets of the World – hostelbookers

A toilet in Laos. Remember to carry your own toilet paper with you. Thanks Two Roses.

10 Reasons Why Japan is So Weird – Thrifty Nomads

Cartooned versions of everything. Like this welcome sign to the city of Beppu which made me feel …

Japanese Toilets: Why They Fail in America – Tofugu

Why Japanese Toilets Are Failing In America Despite their superiority Most Japanese toilets have the bidet feature built in. Many Americans are not fond of the idea of either method. This made people wary of purchasing this strange newfangled butt fountain. In the 1980s, the Japanese company Toto started pushing their toilet/bidet

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