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Variation. Variations are classified either as continuous, or quantitative (smoothly grading between two extremes, with the majority of individuals at the centre, as height in human populations); or as discontinuous, or qualitative (composed of well-defined classes, as blood groups in man).

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Genetic variation is what makes us all unique, whether in terms of hair colour, skin colour or even the shape of our faces. Individuals of a species have similar characteristics but they are rarely identical, the difference between them is called variation. Genetic variation is a result of subtle differences in our DNA.

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Origin of variation between species Speciation is defined as the process by which, a group of organisms becomes isolated from original population, eventually resulting into the formation of new species.

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A species is a group of related individuals that form a population that only breeds within that population. A variation is a deviation from the statistical norm. You will find variation within populations. Usually the variation follows a bell shaped curve, with outlying members being the …

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Variation. Variation is the differences between individuals within a species. This can be caused by inherited or environmental factors. Variation can be continuous or discontinuous.

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If we move down to the species level, genetic diversity is how much genetic variation there is in a population. Genetic diversity is important because the more genes are in a population, the more likely that one of those genes will prove helpful in the face of threats such as climate change or a new disease.

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