20 Different Types of Psychologists and What They Do

Cognitive Psychologists. This type of psychologist is interested in how the brain processes, learns, stores, recognizes, and utilizes information. Cognitive psychologists may work in a variety of settings including universities, research centers, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, …

10 Types of Psychological Theories

Types of Psychology

Types of Psychology. The phenomena of perception, personality, cognition, behavior, reaction and emotion not only display immense diversity of the mental faculty, but also affect our relationships. The study involves analysis of the processes within the conscious and unconscious mind. Psychology is applied to every aspect of activity.

Types of Psychology: Comprehensive Information and Resources

Types of Psychology. If you have read the what is psychology page, you’ll know that there are multiple and often competing levels of explanation when it comes to understanding behavior. The aim of this page, therefore, is to try and group different types of psychology into meaningful categories.

Psychology – Wikipedia


Psychology | Types Of Psychology | NLU

Clinical Psychologists. Treat disorders of specific types or in specific populations. Cover behavioral, …

Types of Therapy | Psychology Today

Psychology Today has assembled a list of the most commonly found therapy types as well as an exhaustive list of practicing professionals. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Adlerian Therapy. …

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