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History of Developmental Psychology. Later, adult development and aging began to assume more importance. Developmental psychology began as a correlational science, focusing on observation, not on experimentation, and thus differed from traditional research psychology.

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History Developmental Psychology was founded at the beginning of the 20th century by psychologists such as G. Stanley Hall and Jean Piaget. It has transgressed from the believed “stages” people go through as they develop to what changes when people develop.

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Developmental psychology. In the 1950s, however, they became interested in the relationship between personality variables and child rearing, and the behavioral theories of B.F. Skinner and the cognitive theories of Jean Piaget were concerned with the growth and development of …

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Chapter 1.3: History of Developmental Psychology. 1894 – Alfred Binet founded the first scientific journal in this area (L’année Psychologique). 1891 – Stanley Hall founded a further journal – Pedagogical

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Developmental psychology. Developmental psychology is the scientific study of how and why human beings change over the course of their life. Originally concerned with infants and children, the field has expanded to include adolescence, adult development, aging, and the entire lifespan.

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