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‘MUST’ is a five-step screening tool to identify adults, who are malnourished, at risk of malnutrition (undernutrition), or obese. It also includes management guidelines which can be used to develop

The Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST) and a

Aug 08, 2015 · MUST is a screening tool that has shown its strength for application with adult patients across all healthcare settings including oncology . MUST is a five-step screening tool to identify patients who are malnourished and at risk of malnutrition (or undernutrition).

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Introducing ‘MUST’ – BAPEN

The ‘Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool’ (‘MUST’) was developed by the Malnutrition Advisory Group, a standing committee of BAPEN and it has been reviewed regularly since its launch in 2003.



The MUST is a simple 5 step screening tool which will help to identify adults who are underweight and at risk of malnutrition . Although the term malnutrition can refer to both under and over nutrition,

Assessing the benefits of a malnutrition screening tool

Assessing the benefits of a malnutrition screening tool 12 June, 2008 BACKGROUND: A significant proportion of patients admitted to hospital are at risk of malnutrition.AIM: This study aimed to audit use of the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST).METHOD: A core project group set up a pilot to trial the tool’s use, followed by full

Malnutrition Universal Screening tool (MUST) assessment

Download file to see previous pages The screening tool should be simple, quick to use, valid, reliable and acceptable to both patient and the nurse. It should be convenient for use in all types of settings and for all types of patients. MUST was developed in Britain with these aims (Gibney et al, 2005).

MUST nutritional assessment tool | Evidence search | NICE

Evidence-based information on MUST nutritional assessment tool from hundreds of trustworthy sources for health and social care. Make better, quicker, evidence-based decisions.


MUST Explanatory Booklet – health.gov.il

The ‘MUST’ Explanatory Booklethas been designed to explain the need for nutritional screening and how to undertake screening using the ‘Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool’ (‘MUST’). It can also be used for training purposes. The Booklet is part of the ‘MUST package which also includes


Evaluating the Malnutrion Universal Screening Tool as a

assessment using the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST ) (BAPEN 2003), and a critical appraisal of the evidence relating to meeting nutritional needs of an individual patient. Whilst acknowledging that the use of the MUST forms part of


Guide to developing assessment tools

assessment must include actual babies and toddlers (not a simulated doll). Your assessment tool must ensure that the person making the determination of competence is an assessor who meets the requirements of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015. 2. …

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