How to run your storage heaters efficiently using Economy 7

Economy 7 and storage heaters. To make the most of a storage heater, you need to be on an Economy 7 tariff.Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know how to best utilise this and end up charging their heaters at the wrong time.

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Rule 2: You need to use as much electricity as possible at night. You have to use a lot of electricity at night to save cash with Economy 7. Estimates vary by provider, but as a rough rule of thumb and based on our research, you should use around 40% of your electricity at night.

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Economy 7 can also work well if you use gas for your heating and hot water, but electricity for your appliances and lighting. If possible, you should have your night storage heaters and hot water boiler wired on a separate circuit, which switches on when the night-time off-peak rate starts.

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How to use Economy 7 effectively. It can vary even in the same region with the same supplier. If in doubt, you might be able to ask the supplier. Then, check the meter’s clock and note how far out it is (power companies generally don’t mind some inaccuracy)—the cheap period for you starts and ends when that clock shows that meter’s preset times.

A Guide To Using Economy 7 With Storage Heaters

A Guide To Using Economy 7 With Storage Heaters Effectively. Economy 7 is intended to be used by people who are able to benefit from a seven-hour period at night when the price charged for power is lower than standard daytime tariffs.

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Fan-assisted storage heaters blow warm air into the room from the bottom of the heater. Some models have a two-speed fan to control the output of the heat. Combination storage heaters have a built-in convector heater. You can use this to top up the heat, for example in cold weather.

Economy 7 tariff – A guide to the cost and energy savings

There are two types of Economy 7 meter – how you read your meter will depend on which type you have. The first type has two displays – the top row is for your day rate electricity and is marked ‘Normal’ and the bottom row, which is marked ‘Low’, shows night rate. The second type has a single row of numbers that shows your day rate electricity usage.

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Apr 02, 2006 · My economy 7 switches on to heat up at 1 in the morning and off at 8 in the morning on british summer time. Then in the winter on at midnight and off at 7 in the morning. Glad you like it!

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