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Just like making someone forget a positive event, making them forget a negative one is also about distraction. The best thing you can do is to attempt to make the unpleasant memory less prominent in their mind by changing the focus to more pleasant topics.

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I sure you understand, as it would be your choice to try and forget, but, ultimately it is up to the individual to forget anything (if they wish;) trying to make someone forget or do something, might momentarily succeed, but will be remembered.

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Crap! I need to make someone forget something (entirely

Feb 09, 2003 · I need to make someone forget something, but I don’t know how. This is an emergancy, so I don’t want rude or joking posts. And itcan’t just be something like, “Put their mind on something else”, I mean it must be completely out of their heads like it was never there.

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Making a person forget something is rarely simple, especially if the “something” is hurtful or negative. Use some simple techniques to distract from the issue and hopefully with time, the person won’t be able to remember what he is supposed to be forgetting.

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[Why You Forget: 5 Strange Facts About Memory] It also turned out that that when the people were told to forget the words, the more they pushed away their thoughts about the images, the fewer

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The “cause someone to forget something” spell will erase a memory from the mind of your target. This spell is best cast more than once, as different people require different amounts of this energy to wipe a …

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We all forget things from time to time and these spells focus the power of distraction and rememberance to help us forget things we do not wish to remember (like of lovers) or remember things we have forgotten (like where the car keys are).

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Best Ways To Forget Someone Whether you want to know how to forget a guy or a girl, you must first know the critical things to do (as well as what not to do). This is the only way to forget a …

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