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Be sure to: Check the label on the paint for specific details and any cleaning instructions the manufacturers may have provided. Check the care labels on your garments and choose an appropriate cleaning method and detergent. Scrape off any dried paint with a blunt-edged implement. Use a cotton bud to gently lift off any excess wet paint.

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How to Get Paint Out of Clothes. A big blob ends up on the sleeve of your new tweed jacket (or cashmere sweater, or silk blouse, or leather coat, or hideously expensive shoes). Here’s another common scenario: You just finish painting the railing around the porch and saunter to the garage to get the wet paint sign,

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If any paint remains, work glycerin into the stain and let it soak for several hours. Sponge the stain with a mild solution of liquid hand dishwashing detergent to one part cool water. Blot until the liquid is absorbed. Sponge with a solution of one part white vinegar to 10 parts water.

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Then use a clean toothbrush to dab the spot with rubbing alcohol. (Be sure to open a window in the room to keep it ventilated.) Next, dip a cotton ball in mineral spirits and dab the area again. Let it dry, and then rinse with a solution of 1 tablespoon of clear dish soap and 10 ounces of water.

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Steps to remove paint from clothing: Use a wet cloth to get the area with the paint wet – it doesn’t need to be soaking wet, just dab it with the wet cloth until the fabric is wet. Saturate the paint stain with Isopropyl alcohol. Use your brush to scrub until the paint is no longer visible.

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