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Heteronymous hemianopia | definition of heteronymous

Also found in: Dictionary, Thesaurus. Related to heteronymous hemianopia: bitemporal hemianopsia. attitudinal hemianopia involving the upper field of one eye and the lower field of the other; or a binasal or bitemporal hemianopia.

Bitemporal hemianopia: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and

Bitemporal hemianopia is also known as bitemporal heteronymous hemianopia or bitemporal hemianopia. Bi means “left and right side”, temporal means “temporary visual field”, hemi means “half of each visual field” and anopia means “blindness”. The condition manifests when there is compression in the optic chiasm.

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Bitemporal Heteronymous Hemianopia. 4. DEFINITION:  Bitemporal heteronymus hemianopia is a type of a partial blindness where vision is missing in the OUTER HALF or the temporal half of both the right and left visual fields.  Hemi-anopia means the absence of vision in …

Hemianopia: Types, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

They’re also responsible for registering information and sending it to the temporal retina. Bitemporal hemianopia: As the name suggests, bitemporal hemianopia is a loss of vision that happens on the side of the eyes that’s closest to the temple. Lesions and damage to the optic chiasm can cause bitemporal …

Bitemporal hemianopia; its unique binocular complexities

Bitemporal hemianopic visual field impairment frequently leads to binocular vision difficulties. Patients with bitemporal hemianopia with pre-existing exophoria complain of horizontal diplopia, sometimes combined with vertical deviation (with pre-existing hyperphoria).

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Jun 29, 2017 · Homonymous Hemianopia. Homonymous hemianopia is a condition in which the same side of the visual field is lost in both the eyes. It can be left side or the right side depending on which side of the brain is affected. Our brain’s connection to the rest of the body is kind of crisscrossed.

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Hemianopsia | definition of hemianopsia by Medical dictionary

A common cause is a lesion in the posterior optic radiations. heteronymous hemianopia A loss of vision in either both nasal halves (binasal hemianopia) or both temporal halves of the visual field (bitemporal hemianopia). A common cause of the latter is a lesion in the optic chiasma.

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Answers from doctors on bitemporal hemianopsia causes. First: Most losses in the bitemporal pattern – partial or complete – originate with tumors of the pituitary gland pressing on the optic nerve chiasm. There are a few rare cases with this pattern from vascular malformations and tumors like meningioma.

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A Heteronymous hemianopsia is the loss of half of the visual field on different sides in both eyes. It is separated into two categories: Binasal hemianopsia – the loss of the fields surrounding the nose; Bitemporal hemianopsia – the loss of the fields closest to the temples.

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In bitemporal hemianopia, vision loss occurs in both outer halves of the visual field, like in the picture below. It’s usually caused by damage to the optic chiasm, where the nerves from both eyes cross over. Binasal hemianopia affects the inner halves of the visual field (close to the nose) in both eyes.

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