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Hermann Rorschach was the Swiss psychoanalyst who unlocked the secrets of the mind and created the controversial Rorschach Inkblot Test to measure social behavior. Learn more at Biography.com.

Born: Nov 08, 1884

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Hermann Rorschach. Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach was the developer of the widely-used personality evaluation method known as the Rorschach test. The Rorschach test involves the assessment by a psychiatrist or psychologist of a subject’s responses when asked what he or she sees in a series of inkblots.

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Hermann Rorschach. Lived 1884 – 1922. Hermann Rorschach was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who developed what we now know as the Rorschach inkblot test. The Rorschach inkblot test is a personality projection test where individuals are shown ten inkblots, one at a time, while taking note of what they think and see in each of the images.

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But Rorschach’s contribution to the fields of psychology and psychiatry is still considered a valuable procedure that remains one of the standard testing methods used to compile a personality profile by mental health professionals. Further Reading on Hermann Rorschach

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By: Matt Eades After quitting his job at the medical institution in Switzerland, he moved to Russia to live with his wife for a year. The next year, he moved back to Switzerland to live at the Waldau Psychiatric University. In 1915, while he was waiting for his wife’s arrival in

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Sep 26, 2018 · Intro to Psychology Presentation 25 September 2018.

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See Article History. Hermann Rorschach, (born November 8, 1884, Zürich, Switzerland—died April 2, 1922, Herisau), Swiss psychiatrist who devised the inkblot test that bears his name and that was widely used clinically for diagnosing psychopathology. The eldest son of an art teacher, Rorschach considered becoming an artist but chose medicine instead.

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Jump to navigation Jump to search. Hermann Rorschach (German: [ˈhɛrman ˈroːrʃax]; 8 November 1884 – 1 April 1922) was a Swiss Freudian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. His education in art helped to spur the development of a set of inkblots that were used experimentally to measure various unconscious parts of the subject’s personality.

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