The Fear of Alcohol: Insight into Methyphobia

One major concern voiced by methyphobics is the fear of loss of control when drinking alcohol. While this fear is somewhat substantiated, the phobia is not congruent with reality. Sometimes even the smell of alcohol can cause the suffering person to have an extreme anxious reaction.

Methyphobia- Fear of alcohol | Phobia Source

Methyphobia- Fear of alcohol. This phobia can occur for a variety of reasons ranging from religious beliefs to the loss of control. We know the effects of the substance on the brain and body and too much of it can cause loss of inhibition and leads to bad judgment that can …

Overcoming the Fear of Alcohol Withdrawal – Harris House

In a heavy, long-term drinker, the brain is almost continually exposed to the depressant effect of alcohol. Over time, the brain adjusts its own chemistry to compensate for the effect of the alcohol. It does this by producing naturally stimulating chemicals (such as serotonin or norepinephrine,

Understanding Alcoholism and Fear – Drug Rehab Options

I believe that fear is the engine that drives alcoholism.. During the height of my drinking, fear controlled my life, and I used alcohol to try and control the fear.

Methyphobia | Fear of Alcohol – Massive Phobia

Methyphobia, also known as Potophobia, is the irrational fear of drinking alcohol or becoming an alcoholic. It is a specific phobia and is related to Dipsophobia, the fear of drinking. The name is derived from the Greek word ‘methy’ meaning ‘alcohol’ and the word ‘phobia’ comes from the Greek word ‘phóbos’ meaning ‘fear.’.

Definition of Fear of drinking alcohol – MedicineNet

Medical Definition of Fear of drinking alcohol. Fear of drinking alcohol: An abnormal and persistent fear of drinking alcohol. Sufferers of this fear experience undue anxiety about addiction to alcohol and the effect this addiction can have on their body. (However, their abstinence from alcohol certainly should not …

Methyphobia – alcohol fear, drinking alcohol fear

Agoraphobia is a fear of experiencing a panic attack in a place or situation from which escape may be difficult or embarrassing or they cannot obtain help. People with this phobia may fear being alone, being in a crowd, flying, being in an elevator. Agoraphobia is the only phobia regularly treated as a …

How to Overcome Your Fear of Alcohol Withdrawal

Make no mistake about it, alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be severe, and in some cases fatal. If you are a daily drinker, a heavy drinker or a frequent binge drinker, suddenly quitting will likely produce a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms .

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in: Methyphobia. Methyphobia (from Greek methy, “alcohol”), or potophobia (from Latin poto, “drink”) is a fear of alcohol, such as beer and wine. Sufferers of methyphobia would avoid drinking alcohol as well as encountering someone who drinks it. A common cause of fear is the alcohol’s effects on person’s behavior with more violence and abuse.

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