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Apartment living has its advantages, but one of the biggest disadvantages is the rules often imposed with regards to pet ownership. The Best Pets for Apartment Living. More Slideshows From petMD. 10 Weird Cat Behaviors That Could Be Signs of a Sick Cat. 7 Ways Cat Lovers Can Celebrate International Cat Day. 8 Ways to Help a Blind Pet. 6

Easy and Unique Apartment Pets – My First Apartment

Easy and Unique Apartment Pets. Moving into your first place is a GREAT excuse to get a new pet…but are you really ready? Instead of going for an animal that requires significant time and effort to care for, consider choosing one of these easy, unique apartment pets to fulfill your need for a friend while being fair to both you and your animal!

Top 10 Apartment-Friendly Dog Breeds

Top 10 Apartment-Friendly Dog Breeds. By Yuki Graviet Knapp. February 25, 2016. Unfortunately, due to those bug eyes, pugs are prone to eye injuries. But they’re easy going and affectionate, getting along well with other dogs and with cats too. The Ultimate Guide to Apartment Living with a Pet. January 25, 2019. 5 Interior Design Apps

The Best Exotic Pets for Apartment Living

Rabbits. Rabbits are social animals, but often do not like to be held. However, they’re always …

100 Best Pet Friendly Apartments In Los Angeles, CA

Best pet friendly apartments for rent in Los Angeles, CA! View photos, floor plans & more. and ceiling fans. Conveniently situated near I-465 for easy access to Meridian Hills and Keystone at the Crossing. more Featured. Modera West LA. 5901 Center Dr. Los Angeles, CA. Updated Pet-friendly one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments in

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Apartment Living Blog › Apartment Living › Best & Worst Pets for Apartment Living Over time, dogs are reportedly more stinky than cats by a 2 to 1 ratio. And yet, the age-old personality question persists: Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Best Pets for Apartment Living

Adopting a pet is a great feeling and there are so many types of pets – from large and small pets to low maintenance pets – that do well and thrive in an apartment setting. The best apartment pets are out there, just check out our comprehensive list of contenders below: Dogs.

29 Best Apartment Dogs for Small Spaces – Dogtime

When it comes to apartment pets, size does matter. Cotons are happy-go-lucky dogs that are well-fit for living in small apartments. They are small in size, have easy to care for coats

Small Animal Pets For Apartments or Small Homes

Good Apartment Pets This site is a resource which will give you ideas and information on choosing a good apartment pet, along with information on care and feeding. Choose from pet birds, pet cats, pet dogs, pet fish or more exotic pets.

Popular Small Pets | Animal Planet

And, there are a few pets that aren’t a good fit in households with preschoolers. So, where will you start? We’ve got the scoop on 10 popular small pets that, in one way or another, reward their owners with companionable ease. 10. Guinea Pig. As small pets go, guinea pigs — also known as cavies — …

7 Legal Exotic Pets That Have Easy Care | PetHelpful

May 29, 2013 · 7 Legal Exotic Pets That Have Easy Care. Updated on August 14, 2018. Melissa A Smith. more. Since I live in an apartment with a secure entrance door, and have a knee that is prone to dislocation, a pet that I had to bring outside all the time was not a good idea. NON-Domestic Foxes DO NOT MAKE EASY pets. In no way shape or form does a

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Pet Friendly Apartments Available | Search® makes it easy to find pet friendly apartments. Just search by pet policy for cats, dogs, or both. You can even contact the properties you like online for more details about their pet policies.

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