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Creating an understairs toilet. First of all, the area will need proper ventilation. This will usually require either the fitting of ducting for an extractor fan or making a hole in the exterior wall large enough for a window. Your toilet will also need adequate lighting, which will require the help of a local electrician.

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Adding a downstairs toilet under your stairs can make a home much better to live in and increase the value & saleability of your house in work that can be done in 1-2 weeks for as little as £2.5K.


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Creating a bathroom under the stairs. The next toilet up from elongated types for ‘bigger’ folks are bariatric unit toilets. But the carrier behind the wall is the more important thing to upgrade if the WC needs to take some abuse, the shape of the toilet is less important.

Top responsesRedditWell done, glad you could re-purpose Harry Potter’s old bedroom.842 votesNice one. You could have filled the door-now-wall with isolation (stonewool) before closing it up. It absorbs sound so you hear the sounds of the toilet not as much … read more810 votesIs it common in the UK to have wall mounted toilets? Outside of commercial buildings you never see them in the US.282 votesBefore I saw your whole gallery I thought you were going to end up with something like this: This was a friend’s parents’ bathroom in Mexico.260 votesI see no TP92 votesEveryone’s marveling at the bathroom, but I’m over here fascinated by these curved cabinet doors: votesSee all

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Creating Understairs Toilet. x 12’4 plus understairs cupboard and recess, south [] has been tastefully renovated creating a light and airy a wc and an understairs cupboard. Taking you upstairs [] has a dual aspect creating a light an airy

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Tips For Creating An Under-Stairs Cloakroom. In tight spaces the ceiling height can vary – especially when you are under the stairs. Position the basin against the tallest wall or in a corner and the toilet can placed under the slope of the stairs. Make sure the tallest member of your family can stand upright when washing their hands and that men can stand to use the toilet, too.

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This job involved adding a downstairs cloakroom, consisting of a toilet & basin into an area under the stairs in this fairly typical 3 bed semi. The space under the stairs was divided up into 2 different spaces – the toilet & a separate storage space. This storage space was accessed by a new door that was knocked through the lounge wall.

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“10 ideas to use in your own home if you are designing a small cloakroom bathroom or under stairs toilet.” “Under Stairs Bathroom: Petite Powder Room Who wouldn’t love an extra half bath? The space under your stairs can perfectly accommodate such a luxury.

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Style it with confidence with these expert tips. A good location is under the stairs. Or you might section off the end of a long hallway. Experts suggest that for a toilet and basin, you need a space measuring at least 80cm x 140cm. If you’re superstitious, never put a lavatory adjacent to the front door.

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How to Fit a Cloakroom Under the Stairs. Perhaps the most common arrangement for an under-stairs cloakroom is with the toilet tucked away below the sloping ceiling and the basin on the facing wall. This means that the first thing you see when opening the door is the basin. creating a space that feels carefully considered and neatly styled.

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“Toilet Under Stairs Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor” “Hiddern cistern in downstairs toilet with nice lighting” “Doors Common widths are 28, 30, or 32 inches. Wheelchair-accessible doorways ideally should be at least 36 in. wide.

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Cost of under stairs toilet. The cost of having a new toilet installed under your stairs can vary from £1,000 to £3,000, depending on how much work needs to be done. For example, you may need to have the under stairs area walled off, you may need a window built or …

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Apr 13, 2016 · I converted a downstairs cloakroom into a toilet. I am not a builder so I had to work out many problems for myself. The only help I got was someone to plaster the ceiling and wall in hallway.

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Built-in toilets and bathrooms under staircases. Pinterest 0. Twitter 0. Facebook 0. We have seen so many cool toilets under stairs, that we thought it was time to allocate a post to them. So here it is! Small houses often have a staircase, and most people use it for storage, but there are other options as well. and by turning the toilet 90

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» how much roughly to convert under stairs cupboard into toilet? Planning to relocate? Find out all you need to know about your new area on Mumsnet Local Talk. Find out more. It cost £1800 which didn’t include the cost of the toilet, basin, tiles. Add message | Report.

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